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Geovision GV-4008A-16 16-ch PCI-E Hardware Compression DVR Card 480fps @ D1

CODE: GV-4008A-16

Price: $1,404.00


The Geovision GV-4008A-16 (2 x GV-4008) Card provides up to 16 video and 16 audio channels, recording up to 480fps in total with H.264 hardware compression. The new technology of resolution is employed to enhance the live image of D1 without DSP Overlay. Even in screen divisions, the largest division can remain at the high-quality D1 resolution. These Geovision GV-4008A-16 (2 x GV-4008) DVR Cards can be utilized to view live and recorded video both locally and remotely. An unlimited amount of simultaneous users can log on to a Geovision GV-4008A-16 (2 x GV-4008) system and there is no extra software to purchase. All of Geovision DVR Cards include features like advanced motion detection, scheduled recording and much more. Geovision has become the markets #1 DVR capture card!

  • Input Type: DVI
  • Video inputs: 16 Cameras
  • Audio inputs: 16 Channels
  • Display Rate: 480fps @ D1 Resolution
  • Record Rate: 480fps @ D1 Resolution
  • Hardware Compression: H.264
  • SoftwareCompression: wavelet,MPEG-4, Geo MPEG-4, Geo MPEG-4 (asp), Geo H264
  • Supports GV-NET/IO card
  • Supports GV-DSP
  • Supports GV-A16
  • Dimensions:D-type 169(W) x 106(H)mm