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Geovision DVR Cards

Geovision DVR cards are the industry leader in DVR Video Capture Cards. The Geovision DVR card can turn any computer into a high performance Digital Video Recorder for your CCTV system. Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) are the head end and the brains of a good CCTV Video Surveillance System. Geovision DVR cards give you industry leading features and functionality as well as some of the highest recording resolutions and frame rates possible with a CCTV security system. In addition, the Geovision cards also come installed with free IP security camera support. Every card Geovision sales not only works with all CCTV cameras but you can also add High Difiniton Geovision IP security cameras to any of your available channels allowing you to transform any Geovision PC DVR into a Hybrid Video Recorder. This will give you the oppurtunity to include megapixel security cameras in the areas that require greater attention to detail. 

Installation of the Geovision DVR cards is very easy, just install the card into an open PCI-Express slot on your PC, insert the setup disk and follow the simple steps that follow. In minutes you will be up and running and using one of the most advanced Digital Video Recorders on the market today.